We are extremely proud that all our products are designed in house by a design team dedicated to the motorcycle industry. We produce designs for most leading manufacturers with a range of protection for the tank, front fairing, rear seat unit, knee section, fender and gas cap cover and we literally have thousands to choose from. In addition to our factory styled items we also offer a street range that is produced to be universal to most models and has a totally different look based around the street scene and it's art.



All Motografix products are manufactured in house from the highest quality vinyl thermally printed and coated with a 3D gel layer which has excellent properties such as;

*UV stable - the tank pad / number board won't fade even after repeated exposure to bright sunlight

*Design perfection - the resin coating is completely transparrent, therefore highlighting the colour matched design

*Ultimate protection - the coating repairs itself when scratched, therefore always having that new look

*Durable adhesion - the coating tapers at the edges, so forming an excellent seal against lifting of the pad during cleaning



As our products are shipped globally on a daily basis we know the importance of good quality packaging, this is why each product is individually blister packed / boxed for protection during transit which ensures the product lands safely.


Our Guarantee

Because of our confidence in our products, we can offer a unique lifetime guarantee on colour and adhesion which gives you peace of mind when choosing Motografix to protect your pride and joy. 


Fitting Guide

Recommended application method for all Motografix products




Make sure the surface is clean and free of dust, oil, dirt, silicon and polish, we recommend you wash the area as usual and then rinse with plenty of clean water. The next step would be to thoroughly dry the area with a lint free cloth and once satisfied finish by dry wiping the area with methylated spirit or something similar to give the surface a good clean, degreased finish.



Adhesion works best when the product is around room temperature, the gentle use of a hair dryer will aid this process if your applying during colder winter months. Once warm and flexible remove from the backing while trying to avoid unnecessary adhesive contact with fingers as fingerprints can effect adhesion. Carefully position the part correctly to the surface of the bike smoothing out any air pockets as you apply, we suggest smoothing from the centre out to the edges for best results.

Please don't hesitate to contact us for further advise / information if needed (see, contact us)