Privacy policy

Personal Data and Privacy information


Capturing Data

We dont capture any data we don't need.

We don't use pre-ticked opt-ins for sharing data or sending marketing communications.

We don't use small print data sharing terms.


Storing Data

We don't store any data we don't need.

We don't store data for any longer than we need it.

Any data provided is stored securely.


Using Data

We don't use any provided data for anything other than the intended purpose for which it was given, unless actively opted in to.

We don't auto subscribe customers to mailing lists and newsletters etc.

We don't contact customers using methods (phone, email etc.) they haven't actively given permission for.


Purchase Information

When making purchases we collect information relevant to the purchase including shipping address, billing address, name, email address, phone number, and payment details including credit card information. Any card information provided is automatically deleted once the order is marked as paid and despatched, nothing is saved within the transaction or site. 

Customers may choose to use PayPal to complete payment transactions an these Privacy Policies do not apply for any personal or payment information entered at Please see PayPal’s privacy policy for more information.



They are simple ’text files’ which you can read using the Notebook program on your own PC.

Typically, they contain two pieces of information: a site name and unique user ID, and contrary to popular belief, cookies are NOT programs.

We don't require the need to create an account before any purchase which in turn stops the need to login to any part of our site so no features like personalised greetings.

We don't run automatic sales techniques within the site aiming additional purchases/items related to your search history so no information is stored to aid this process.

Cookies can be turned off in your browser or you can be notified when you receive a cookie so you choose whether to accept it.

The Help menu of your browser should contain information on how to do this, however changing these settings may mean that you will not be able to take advantage of some of the advanced features on the site. 

If you do wish to remove cookies after a visit to the site, perhaps because you are using a shared computer, you can clear the cookies by clicking on the sign out link.


Third Party Trade

We never sell, trade or rent any personal data which may have been collected.

Consent and Data Protection

By using our website you consent to authorising us to collate, collect and use any information. Any changes to our privacy policy will be updated and posted on this page of our website.


Opt Out

You can opt out of e-mail event and or campaign by clicking the relevant link listed at the bottom of each email. The link will allow you to either amend your details to let us know which information you would like to receive or to remove yourself entirely from our email updates.